How To Make £100 - £200   

Per Day From 

“Buying And Selling Scrap Gold”
Using Advanced 
Trading Methods 

Dear Friend, 


f you want to learn how to make £100 - £200 per day buying and selling scrap gold then this letter will show you how. 

            robert evans
            My name is Robert Evans and, the first thing you should know about me is … I’m not a professional “City Boy” gold trader. I don’t work in a pawnbrokers or for one of those “dodgy” gold buying services that advertise on daytime TV trying to persuade the vulnerable to part with their precious gold items. 


In fact, the only thing I consider myself an “expert” at (regarding trading gold) is knowing how to spot the best gold pieces to buy and trade for a decent profit. 


It’s something I’ve been doing for a number of years and manage to make about £150 per day trading. 


I’ve created a report called: 


“The Insider Secrets To Making Money  

From Buying And Selling Gold” 


However it’s definitely NOT for everyone. 


Here’s what I mean: 


Buying and selling gold is a fun way to earn a bit of extra cash. It will NOT make you a Millionaire, or provide you with the keys to a brand new Ferrari, it DOES requires a bit of “work” on your part, an internet connection and some “investment” capital – about £100 should get you started. 


I can then show you how to buy and sell gold and make some money. 


To help you decide if buying and selling gold for profit is for you, here’s some of what you’ll learn: 


  • How to buy and sell gold (for profit) all by yourself and do it far better than anyone you could ever hire 
  • Why it's VITALLY important to never buy every piece of gold on offer 
  • The simplest methods to accurately value any piece of scrap gold … get this right and you’ll gain maximum profits 
  • Why even "beginners" are able to buy and sell Gold and make a decent profit … but only if you follow simple (but VITAL) methods and techniques that you’ll learn 
  • Secret "2-minute" technique (that's all it takes!) that tells you if a piece of gold is worth anything to you 
  • The number one "dirty trick" of bullion dealers to “rob” you of profit (this is where the “amateurs” end up with very little profit, whereas you’ll be able to command TOP prices for your gold) 
  • Why certain "famous" Gold TV adverts are leading you astray (to put it mildly!) when looking to make a profit 
  • A "lazy man's" way to buying gold 
  • How to never again be offered less that current market value for gold 
  • Almost foolproof ways to sell gold without having to leave your armchair 
  • How to use a "down and dirty" (but ethical) sneaky technique to get the best price for your gold 
  • How to prosper even when gold prices are low 
  • 6 too-simple-to-pass-up ways to buy gold at rock bottom prices 
  • Methods to squeeze every penny you can from stubborn bullion buyers 
  • Why now is the single best time in history to buy and sell gold 
  • Where to buy top-quality gold without being ripped off 
  • How to pick up almost any scrap gold for a fraction of the price 
  • 3 "no-brainer" ways to make £100 - £200 per day from gold 
  • How to buy gold at rock-bottom, dirt-cheap prices 
  • The most overlooked "hidden" reason why most people don’t make much profit from buying and selling gold 
  • One-and-only proven-effective way to value gold 
  • Who you should NOT sell your gold too – go to these guys and they’ll give you less than 50% of its true value 
  • The “name and shame” list of charlatans who “steal your profit and only give you 20% - 40% 
  • Where to sell your gold (you’ll get a list – address, telephone, email and website contact details - of the VERY BEST places to sell your gold) 
  • A little-known method of getting people rushing to your door offering their pieces of gold – do this and you’ll have more than enough gold to trade on a daily basis 
  • What is the daily “spot” price – an detailed step by step guide on understanding this important daily figure 

And talking of the daily “spot” price, once you understand it, you’ll then be show (again step by step) how to convert the price into the gram price – so that you’ll know INSTANTLY the true value of all your gold you currently hold 


  • Clear and straight-forward advice that will instantly put you on level terms with the professionals who make millions from gold 
  • A quickie "idiot's guide" to Assay offices – these place guarantee the quality of your gold 
  • A simple questions you must ask yourself before buying gold to sell for profit 
  • The real figures that gold bullion dealers will pay you for your scrap gold – they might try and offer you less, but these are the REAL figures that you should insist on getting 
  • “Real-life” examples of buying and selling gold and the profits achieved. (You’ll see where the gold was sourced, how it was valued, and where it was sold to achieve the greatest profit). 

This is a unique “insiders” view of buying and selling gold. You’ll see exactly how these trades were done and then you do exactly the same and make between £100 - £200 per day from trading. 


  • The best gold items to buy … and what NOT to buy (it’s usually how the “amateur” gold trader slips up by being saddled with worth-less pieces of scrap gold) 
  • A quickie "idiot's guide" to recognizing Hallmarks. Within 10 minutes you’ll be an expert in Hallmarks and be able to recognize the different Hallmarks like any expert 
  • How to recognize items of gold’s fineness (purity) … once you know how to do this, you’ll be able to decide (on the spot) whether to buy or walk away from a piece of gold 
  • From 8 carat to 24 carat gold … you’ll learn how to quickly value any piece of gold (this is something that most people don’t understand, within 10 minutes you’ll be an expert on assessing the carat value of each piece of gold) 
  • A simple 3-second "trick" which 100% eliminates buying the “wrong” gold 
  • An eye-popping demonstration of making an instant profit from a scrap piece of gold 
  • Website, telephone and email details of my “secret” gold resource centres 
  • Yellow, white, pink, green, blue or grey, which is the best gold to trade? You’ll be an expert on all the types of gold and which is the best for a quick profit 
  • Why you should never even consider buying and selling gold without this piece of equipment 
  • What gold you MUST avoid buying … many people get caught out and buy this type of gold only to discover it’s virtually worthless 

And a whole lot more including … 


  • The #1 biggest mistake made by “newbie” gold traders 
  • Step-by-step instructions on what equipment you need 

Talking of equipment, you’ll discover which are the best scales to use for weighing your gold and what are the different gold testing kits on the market – and which one you should have. 


Then you’ll be shown – with plenty of images – how to test every piece of gold and identify its true smelt value 


  • The absolute best way for any person to succeed in trading scrap gold 

And we are still NOT done … you’ll also learn: 


  • Revealed! The place you should never try to buy or sell gold 
  • A gold testing "tool kit" which can save you from buying worthless scrap 
  • A truly "no-brainer" (yet almost always overlooked) way to get more than enough gold to trade 
  • A common place to sell gold everyone thinks is "safe" - yet actually is the WORST place to sell gold 
  • An automatic way to sell gold from your armchair 
  • A secret way to "enlist" the help of your rivals … without them realizing it 
  • The easiest way to control the process of valuing your scrap gold rather than guess at it 
  • The easiest way to establish a good "chemistry" with bullion dealers 

Talking of bullion dealers … I’ve dealt with a number throughout the UK (some good, some bad) and I’ll reveal the top bullion dealers that I deal with who offer the very best prices for your scrap gold 


  • Surprise finding: Why so-called gold “experts” may be hurting your long-term profits 
  • Half truths and outright lies these gold dealers are telling you about your scrap/unwanted gold 
  • What the wisest, richest and most successful gold traders "do" that sets them apart from your “average” trader 

Plus lots more … 


Even if you don’t want to trade gold regularly but have a piece of jewelry that you no longer want, and want to get the BEST price for it, then this guide will be perfect for you. 

*A Ready-Made Business Included...

      Not ONLY do you get the step by step instructions on making money buying and selling gold, the manual ALSO comes with resell rights.

      This means, you can sell the manual to others, charge £37.00 and keep 100% of the income.

So, you get get TWO methods to make money - buying/selling gold and selling the manual.

      You'll get:

The manual

This website to use yourself

And a few marketing hints and tips to really get you

      Anyway, here’s the deal: 


“The Insider Secrets To Making Money From Buying And Selling Gold” with resell rights costs just £97.00.

      (** If you just want a copy of the manual, please see bottom of page for details**)


Now that’s a drop in the ocean compared to amount of profit you can make from trading gold. and selling the manual.


In fact, you’ll have made back the cost of this guide within your first week … if not your FIRST day of trading gold.

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     I very much look forward to showing you how to make money buying and selling gold, and also introducing you to the ready-made business of selling the manual as well.



 robert evans


Robert Evans 


P.S. I’ll teach you how to buy and sell gold for profit from the methods I use … and you also get the resell rights to sell the manual yourself.

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